Presearch as default search engine on Brave Android

Hello Brave Team!

I can set Presearch as my default search engine on Brave Browser desktop version. But seems there’s no way to do that on Brave Android?
If it’s really impossible… then, …Why?

Seriously, Brave Team have to make this possible.


If Presearch support “Open search”, then it’ll be listed under “Recently visited”

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@eljuno are you part of Brave team?

If yes;

Please no ‘if’. Just make it possible somehow like it is possible in Brave Desktop Browser.


My reply is for this. There’s a way to set other SE (other than the default list) as a default. If they support Open Search. It’s “possible” like in desktop. Just a bit different.

I’m not part of the team. But I hope it’s not stopped me to help others. Like what I did so far for ±4 years now.

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