Unable to add extensions from chrome webstore

Description of the issue: Unable to add extensions to Brave from the chrome webstore

How can this issue be reproduced?

  1. Navigate to the chrome webstore
  2. Select any extension and click “Add to Brave”
  3. The blue “Add to Brave” button will display “Checking…” for a few seconds before displaying the attached error message:

Expected result: Extension should be added and visible in brave://extensions/

Brave Version: Version 1.58.131 Chromium: 117.0.5938.92 (Official Build) (32-bit)

Additional Information:

I am running Windows 11.

When visiting brave://downloads/, the extensions seem to be blocked by a failed virus scan. However, the issue persists even after I disable Brave’s “Safe Browsing” option, Windows firewall, and Windows Security “Real Time Protection” options. I am unsure how downloads are still being blocked after all virus scanning tools seem to be turned off.

I have already combed through various other posts regarding this problem and have been unsuccessful in correcting the issue. This post details my exact issue; however, a definitive solution does not appear to have been reached. The poster claimed a VPN allowed downloads - that is not the case for me.

Note that I can successfully install extensions on Chrome - just not in Brave.
Note that I can add browser extensions only by enabling developer mode in brave://extensions/, selecting “Load Unpacked,” and loading an extension installed via Chrome. However, this action causes each extension to display errors.

Below is a list of things I have tried in an effort to rectify the issue:

  • Restarted my computer
  • Uninstalled and reinstalled Brave, and selected cleared browsing data option
  • Cleared browsing data
  • Attempted to import extensions from Chrome when prompted to do so when installing Brave
  • Disabled “Safe Browsing” option in Brave settings
  • Attempted to download with VPN enabled and disabled
  • Disabled windows firewall
  • Disabled “Real time protection” option under Windows Security
  • Attempted to add Chrome extensions via Load Unpacked option in Developer Mode; however, the extensions are displaying errors.

Thanks in advance for your time and assistance.

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