Cannot download any extensions ERRORS

Hi there so I’ve been running brave for awhile now on my old laptop and today i got a new one and decided to download chrome and then brave and after i downloaded brave “the latest stable build 64 bit” i came to the welcome screen and tried importing my extensions and bookmarks from chrome to brave, and the bookmarks imported fine but the extensions keep saying server errors and i keep retrying the downloads for hours but it won’t let me download any extensions. I also tried going on the chrome webstore and adding them manually and im getting an error there as well that says an error has occurred and download interrupted.

Also another weird thing i noticed is when i drag the brave shortcut onto my desktop and put it on my taskbar the brave icon is a blank white sheet of paper.

I tried clearing all cache and deleting and reinstalling it over and over with fresh downloads. I’m not using any VPN and I’m currently have no extensions running its a fresh build and none are downloading. How can i fix this please? Thanks

Expected result would be to successfully download and use extensions on brave. On chrome they download fine on the web store

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