Can Not Add Extensions



I am not able to add extensions (that I have in Chrome) using the search feature.
I want these extensions:

Block Image
Wizmage Image Hider
Speed Dial 2 (or is this Chrome only?)


Hi @pdavidow,

Can you elaborate more about what kind of “not able”? Are you not see the “Add to” button or else?

Also, what’s your Brave version and OS?



Version 0.57.18 Chromium: 71.0.3578.80 (Official Build) (64-bit), Windows10 64bit

When I search for the extension I want, all I get is ‘No search results found’

And I do not see any ‘Add to’ button at all.



Did you search for extension at Chrome Web Store?

For now, extension support is available via CWS.



Please give me the exact link for this.



Hi, here’s the link:

(In the future simply google for “Chrome Extensions”).

Where you searched is in the already installed extensions.


Very not obvious because this is not the way Chrome works, and you are trying to copy Chrome to an extant.


You seem to know what you’re writing.

Since version > 0.25 Brave is based on Chromium, just like Google Chrome. Therefore you can install and use Google Chrome extensions in Brave.

But you can also try other ways to install extensions in Brave. It’s up to you.


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