Ublock origin on brave

do we need ublock origin on top of brave?

would it do anything extra?

does brave use latest version of chrome/minion? or does brave use 1 version away from most recent chrome version?

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Can you provide screenshots of what you are referring to? What is Origin?

What version of Brave and OS are you using?

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  1. do we need ublock origin on top of brave? Not really but it comes down to personal preferences – Brave provides all necessary privacy/security features one would need out of the box. There may be some feature uBO has or perhaps the UX is more to your liking, but you do not “need” it in addition to Brave’s Shields.
  2. would it do anything extra? Depends on the site and filters used but they’ll block the same content most of the time.
  3. Brave lags behind Chromium updates by one, but we typically update and get Chromium bumps pushed into the browser quicker than most.
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yea probably a question more for ubo or someone that uses knows about both

Whether you should use uBlock Origin or not can’t be answered with a simple “yes” or “no”, it all comes down to the way you would like to use it.

If you want to simply install uBlock Origin and forget about it, you won’t notice a huge difference. uBlock Origin might block some extra stuff, depending on which filter lists you have selected.

If you want to use uBlock Origin in either medium or hard mode, it’s definitely worth it. Brave doesn’t offer such a functionality as of the moment.

I agree with @Mattches that Brave pretty much eliminates the need for uBlock Origin. Overall, it’s prudent both for security and good housekeeping to minimize the number of installed extensions. I’d be hard-pressed to give an example of needing uBlock Origin when I use Brave. But, for those who have multiple browsers installed, that probably includes browsers in which uBlock Origin offers real benefits. While it’s a bit obscure, uBlock Origin allows for exporting personalized filters and rules from one instance and importing them to another.

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