Are ad blockers like ublock origin redundant/unnecessary with Brave

Brave Version: 1.46.144

Do these ad blockers offer features that Brave doesn’t?

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@noelen Not sure if this might help, but one of the Users here on Brave Community did respond to someone else with some info a while back that I think will answer your question in great detail. I’ll link to it here below:


uBO is more featureful no doubt there, but Brave (adblock rust) is adding supported filters over time.

If you’re not in the business of trying create complex adblock filters, and just want a good (great) an out-of-the-box experience without the need for an extension. Then Brave works well.


I see that the filter in the list enabled by default is

brave easylist

So that alone is sufficient?

Depends, Using Fanboy Annoyances/uBO Annoyances could cover more (FB Annoyances has Easylist-Cookie list included)

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