Trying to get my site verified


I’m trying to get my (Wordpress) site verified to no avail. Per stephenbas’ instruction in the /r/BATProject Subreddit, I have manually created a .well-known subdirectory in the root folder, and uploaded the verification file there.

Note that I have made several attempts of verification before, such as with the official plugin, the well-know- uris plugin and the DNS TXT entry.

The only points that I can see that maybe are causing this problem is that

  1. Maybe https is required, web sites can’t verify if they only use http?
  2. Maybe, when creating a channel name, one needs to specify instead of

Any thoughts / helpful comments?


cc @Asad and @nvonpentz for assistance.

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hi @Schuetze,

Sorry for the late response. HTTPS is absolutely required for this! I would try getting that set up first and retry the verification process.

Hi Asad,

Once I have https set up, I’ll try to get my site verified.


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