Can't get website verified



I am using a Wordpress website and can’t get my site verified. I am using the Brave Payments Verification plugin and have tried verification several times. The site is, and the error always says “channel could not be verified”.

Thanks in advance for you help. I love the Brave browser!


Hi @blockadopter

Could you private message me the email address associated with your publishers account for troubleshooting? In the mean time I will share the information I have with the team.



Hi, I’m having the same issue. I’m using WordPress 4.9.4, installed the Brave Payments Verification plugin and have tried verification multiple times. But continue to get “Channel could not be verified.” My site is:



Is there any other information needed, or any idea when the issue will be solved? Haven’t heard anything back yet so I thought I’d check in.




Hi @blockadopter

We have not yet determined why the plugin works for some users but not others. A work around is to manually add the brave-payments-verification.txt file with your token to your .well-known folder manually. Some users have reported that instructions found here have been helpful - specifically step 3:



Hi, just an update on how I got my site verified today. When I went to try to re-verify using the manual method mention here by creating the .well-known folder and brave-payments-verification.txt file manually, I noticed that the Brave verification page now includes a second option for verifying using a DNS record. I followed those instructions in my host’s cPanel and it worked perfectly! So if you are still having trouble, I’d recommend you giving that a try too.


Thanks for the advice, SavingTheCrumbs!

The DNS record verification worked almost immediately!

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