Cannot get my site verified

I recently converted my website from http to https, but I still can’t get it to be verified. Thanks for your help.

Can you elaborate more @petitbateau54? Did you get any error message when trying to verify? Or you talking about verified status on Rewards panel in the browser?

Thank you for your reply, Eljuno. I converted my blog to https a few weeks ago. But when I login to Brave Rewards, I get a ‘‘Your channel could not be verified!’’ message. When I retry verification, I get a ‘‘Your website,, was not verified because HTTPS is not enabled.’’ I installed the Brave Payments Verification plugin in Wordpress, and copied the Publisher verification code, but no success.

Thanks for your help,

Got it. Thanks for the info @petitbateau54.

Can you try the DNS record method? It’s easier and should work well IMHO.

I will try it. I will first have to learn how it’s done, so as to do this correctly and not risk making the blog unavailable.


Got it. Many thanks, Eljuno!

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