Can't verify my domain


Can’t get my domain verified. It’s a https site.
By the verification I get this notification: Your website,, was not verified because we could not find the token in your public file. Please make sure the verification token is present in the public file

Why is it showing my site as a http when it’s https? I think that’s the reason that I can’t get verified.

The host of my site has added it also manually.



Can anybody from the support help me with this issue?

Apologies for late response @Ingus.
Can you try another method – like DNS method instead?

Just want to make sure, did you add the file to .well-known folder in your hosting?
Also this may help


Thanks for helping. Yes I added the file to .well-known folder as well as contacted my host and he added it also to the root domain.

Now I am trying the DNS method (contacted the technical support of the host).

Site is being verified:)

thank you very much!

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