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Hello! I already have Brave Payments plugin with implemented personal code, as well as Uphold account, but my site is not verified. Can I fix this and if I can, how?

@Pardus it requires 24-48 hours for your Brave to update the publisher list. If you finished adding your site/channel and you can see it listed on your publisher account, then it’s verified.

It’s not about the time. I’m waiting more than a week. I saw following message: “Your website,, was not verified because we could not find the public file at Please make sure the file exists and is publicly available.”

Got it. Thanks for the confirmation, @Pardus.

You may want to try the DNS Record method. It’s easier and faster IMHO.

Verification via WP plugin or .well-known folder is “a bit tricky” due to permission, etc.

How exactly? Thank You for the reply!

I need clarification on this because stupid verification process doesn’t give me any other option than an already depreciated wordpress plug-in!!

Please see the following Help Cetner documents for different site verification methods:

Hey @Mattches,

Thanks for your reply. I already checked those documents before I came here and I already added a TXT to my DNS records.

Problem is, when I try to verify my website, since it is a wordpress site, verification process only brings up plug-in option. So I am not sure if that TXT will be picked up by brave, because when I click verify, it only looks for local txt file hosted on my site.

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Just want to write how I solved it and the outcomes.

Since verification process only checks a local file, of course it didn’t pick up DNS records.

In the end, I solved the problem by adding the requested file manually to the location where verification process was checking.

All you need to do is to create said folder and file. Then add the code you get inside that txt file. After that run the verification and voila.

I really don’t know why they force the depreciated plugin. I also don’t know why there is no simple guide explaining these processes for dummies.

I already solved the problem. Via file downloading. It seems simple and It is. The plugin for WP is useless. Thank You! :slight_smile:

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