Trouble verifying wordpress site

I’m having difficulty with the verification process. I have downloaded the well-known-uris plugin and added the verification code, but nothing ever seems to work or happen. Is there a step that I am missing? Are there specific instructions that I can follow to set this up? Thanks


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cc @mrose for assistance (re:verifying with well-known-uris). :slight_smile:

I am also having a similar issue, has been well over 24hrs and still haven’t been verified on my wordpress site or received the email.

Hi @KingKong and @BWMerlin,

Thanks for reporting this. I’ve created an issue, and we will take a look. We might need some more information from you to help us resolve this problem, so please stay tuned.

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I also am having issues with the verification process.

I have installed the well-known-uris plugin and activated it. The next step is to paste in the verification code; but where?

The page that has the three steps should have some instruction or guidance but there is nothing. Not even a link for help or FAQ’s.

Lacking in simplicity and basics I have found to be the case over and over with Brave.

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I was struggling with the same thing and this was helpful:

Though I’m having issues receiving verification

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This worked, but the plug in has been updated (it’s in the instructions you get on sending your publisher registration email).

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I’m actually still trying to get verified after multiple attempts. Tried using the method I posted and using the new plugin. Not sure what the issue is.

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