Transferring BAT from Uphold To Brave Wallet

Since the Brave Wallet is now live, how do I transfer all my received BAT from Brave Rewards in my Uphold Wallet to my Brave Wallet without paying the outrageous 32 BAT transfer fee on Uphold?


Uphold is not to blame for it. BAT is an erc-20 token, that is why it has so much high fees. Even if you send those BAT to the in-built brave wallet, you can move those anywhere again due to high fees. Though, gemini allows 10 free withdrawls per month. But, even if you use gemini, those BAT will still be stuck in the in-built brave wallet.

Is there an advazntage to move our BAT to the brave wallet ? For the moment I havent installated this new wallet and all my BAT are going to uphold. Is there a difference stacking our bats on brave wallet ? this can be interesting to make a decision for the future :slight_smile: Thanks you guys


The transfer fee on Uphold is absolutely ridiculous.
I did some research on Google and I found something interesting.
People have been upset before like you are now and it has been expressed to Uphold in the past that their fees are too high.
Apparently, Uphold lowered their fees a few years back and for some reason have decided to raise their fees again recently.
It would be great if Brave could reach out to Uphold and negotiate a lower transfer fee.

gemini is best since you earn 3.5% on the BAT Rewards you receive there if you bought them in Gemini Earn

Yeah, really not much you can do about the fees at this point…Uphold and ETH gas fees are high.
Using Gemini sounds good for the “Earn”, but man I don’t want another crypto account. Ha. Plus, you’ll still get hit with a transfer fee from Uphold to Gemini, I’m guessing.
Just waiting for Brave Wallet to be able to accept the “Rewards” at some point in the near future, so I can get rid of Uphold.

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