How to transfer earned BAT from Brave browser to Gemini exchange account (or Brave Wallet)?

Hello. I’m new this year to crypto. Not very tech/computer knowledgable. Have started using Brave browser and earning BAT. BAT doesn’t do much for me if I can’t get it to a crypto wallet. How do I do this? Ultimately, I’m trying to transfer BAT to my Gemini account to invest it in their Earn program. Would also be fine transferring to my Coinbase account. I looked at the Uphold exchange that Brave seems to preference, but don’t have a need for that. I tried clicking through the Brave Wallet tab and created a Brave Ethereum wallet, but don’t see how I move my earned BAT off the browser into that Brave Ethereum wallet? How is there not tutorials for this on the front page of the Brave website – seems like a key step users need to understand if this token economy is going to work! Help including detailed instructions (for a computer basic person) would be greatly appreciated…

Gemini is not yet available as an option, but will be soon. Currently the only option is Uphold.

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Thank you very much! I’ll wait for that. So my Brave browser account just tracks and holds the BAT until the Gemini option becomes available and I can transfer them?

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Yes. That’s exactly what I’m doing. Make sure you have your auto-contribute turned off in ALL your devices and profiles.

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Thanks again that was a tip I needed! I thought had to contribute but could set it at the lowest amount, but I found where to turn it off completely. Thank you!

I am also confused that Brave appears to offer an in app/browser wallet found on the Brave Rewards tab (I’m guessing this is where I need the Gemini option instead of Uphold), but also offers an Ethereum wallet on the Crypto Wallet tab. I set one up hoping that was how I could transfer BAT off browser, but given that’s not the case do I need this crypto wallet? Under settings Crypto Wallet there are options “Ethereum provider for using Dapps” and “Load Crypto Wallets on startup” – is this for the browser wallet with my BAT or the full crypto wallet (far right tab)?

Thanks again so much for all your help.

You are correct, the Crypto Wallet has nothing to do with Brave Rewards wallets (confusing, I know). I myself don’t use the Crypto Wallet. The Gemini option I mentioned previously will be for the Brave Rewards wallet.

Really appreciate all your help. Doesn’t look like you can delete/close the crypto wallet, but guess there is no risk to having it since there is nothing in it. Hope you have a great week!

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I emailed Gemini today asking about them offering anything for Brave soon, and they replied “We currently do not offer this feature at this time, however, we do appreciate your feedback as we are always looking to improve the user experience on the exchange.” Not sure if this is just the standard customer service reply or there isn’ t anything coming? I saw that some people try a workaround of becoming a verified content creator then tipping themselves, but I’m not on social media much so doubt I would be approved. Heard anything or found any other solutions?

Sounds like a standard boilerplate response from either a bot or someone clueless. The most recent date I’ve seen for the rollout of the Gemini wallet for Brave Rewards is next month. Given the number of glitches with the Uphold wallets, I myself intend to wait a few months to see how things shake out before I take the plunge.

In order to have a creator account, you have to be a content creator (Web site, blog, YouTube, etc.). Tipping yourself isn’t recommended (other than once or twice as a test of the system) because it can trigger Brave’s fraud detectors and get your creator account suspended. And Brave takes 5% of the tips as a fee.

Thanks again for sharing your knowledge with me! Great to know there are reports of something in the works with Gemini. I’ll continue to watch for information about it! Also appreciate the info about how tipping oneself is not really a viable workaround. Hope you’re having a great summer!

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