*Total* browsing privacy

I’m not sure what “privacy” actually means any more.

I’ve been using Tor, but repeat visits to certain sites show that the sites recognize me. After “Changing Identity” I’m allowed a fresh start, but access to content is refused and “alternate” URLs are provided that, when approved, unblock some of Tor’s restrictions.

I was under the impression that Tor encrypted the entire process, including hiding my activity from my ISP. Now I’m not sure and Tor’s “Help” Desk refuses to answer questions!

My first use of Brave indicates that the site I visited could identify me. How? Can my ISP see the sites I visit?

@BillB99 There’s a lot of moving parts in things. I’m going to link you to something I wrote back in February. It has links to sites and some basic info which I think will guide you along in what you’re asking.

Brave helps reduce things. Also it will matter on your settings. For example, under Shields, what do you have set globally for fingerprint protection? What settings do you have against trackers & ads? What about cookies? All of those matter.

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