I can be tracked with Brave Browser

Hi there,

I don´t know if just I have the problem or everyone.
I have Brave Shields activated, strong protection from Ads, Trackers AND fingerprint.
I tested everything on CoverYour Tracks and other websites and it´s working fine. The fingerprint for example changes every session.

BUT i found out that I/we can still be tracked! I have no idea how.
I tested it with the website fingerprint.com

I tried it very often over couple of days, deleted all Browser Data, began new sessions that I have a new fingerprint, changed my IP Adress via paid VPN. Fingerprint.com is able to identify me! Doesn´t matter what I do.

I can see that I have visited the website 2 days ago, 1 week ago etc although I deleted all cookies and browser data, changed fingerprint, changed IP Adress.

What is going on?

Hello fauka and welcome to the Brave Community.

Disclosing your IP address is a prerequisite to connect to the internet. This is valid for all browsers. Companies know your address and use it can to target ads based on your browsing habits. However, with Brave, your browsing behavior is hidden from those companies by default: you stay anonymous regardless of whether you’re in a “regular” or incognito (private) window. Brave also gives two options to hide your IP address while browsing: Private windows with Tor and built in firewall+VPN.

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Hi CerealLover,

thank your for the reply! I already hide my IP Adress with a VPN. I tested another Browser with extensions and fingerprint.com could not identify me. With Brave yes. There has to be some tracking Brave does not block.


On my end, fingerprint .com doesn’t identify my ip if using tor or a VPN (such as Cyberghost extension); I use Brave default settings.

Check your extensions, open brave://settings/privacy and make a safety check, or try reinstalling Brave.

@fauka I’m going to refer you to an older response of mine. Perhaps you’d like to check it out.

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