Privacy? What Privacy?

I was under the impression that Brave didn’t track people.

@Mattches please give clarity because it would be best coming from an admin

Hi, could you name the source of your picture?

There it is. I was wondering when this was gonna hit the Brave forums.

Apparently you guys fell for the grifter, Andre Turbo, of Garbage Gab, Inc., who’s been spending the last couple days sh*ttalking Eich, spreading this screenshot and implying Brave was weak on privacy.
Let’s take a look, shall we:

As can be read on the same webpage if you scroll down just a little further, all private data stays on your machine. If you check his Gab profile, you’ll see he deleted the post with the screenshot.

@MediaBird it’s from the BAT website:

@sfcmac I hope I explain it well. :smiley:

Actually, “every browser know your browser habits” – where you spend your time on the internet. “Top Sites” is IMHO an example that your browser “know” you.

But Brave approach is that “data” still on your device – and Brave use that data locally, without sending it to server outside – to prevent private data leaking and selling. While still protecting you from online ads and trackers.

I could care less about your displeasure with “shittalking”, and the fact that you don’t like Gab. That’s your prerogative. All I asked was for an explanation about the privacy issue.

Thank you. That’s all I really needed to know.

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