Privacy? What Privacy?

I was under the impression that Brave didn’t track people.

@Mattches please give clarity because it would be best coming from an admin

Hi, could you name the source of your picture?

@sfcmac I hope I explain it well. :smiley:

Actually, “every browser know your browser habits” – where you spend your time on the internet. “Top Sites” is IMHO an example that your browser “know” you.

But Brave approach is that “data” still on your device – and Brave use that data locally, without sending it to server outside – to prevent private data leaking and selling. While still protecting you from online ads and trackers.

I could care less about your displeasure with “shittalking”, and the fact that you don’t like Gab. That’s your prerogative. All I asked was for an explanation about the privacy issue.

Thank you. That’s all I really needed to know.

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