Privacy on different search engines within brave browser

Is privacy equal no matter which of the search engine options I choose? Eg DDG versus Google.

What exactly do you mean by “privacy”?

Sorry for late response. And I mean inability for ISP and Google to track what I look up. Well okay I don’t understand this stuff so I’m probably talking nonsense

  • so basically what I mean is I don’t trust the government or Google. As long as I use brave and am not logged in to Google (despite using it as the search engine for brave browser) will Google be able to track me (including my IP address etc.) basically no more than if I use duckduckgo or such as my brave search engine?

And I understand to some extent you’re always trackable and identifable pretty much whatever you do, by the way. But that doesn’t matter for me as there’s no reason anyone would bother that much

If you use autonomous encrypted DNS (check out your ISP won’t be able to track your requests (assuming all your connections are encrypted too).
As for Google, if you’re not logged on and if you use Brave, Google won’t be able to track you, although it can always save your searches as aggregate data — but this happens with any search engine, not just Google.

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