When I use Brave, if my company can know what's website I use?

YOU know, my chrome is managed by my organization, so when I use a web url ,then can know it.

So ,when I use Brave, if my company can know it?

Hi @sunrise, Welcome to Community!
Are you using Brave within your Company, i.e. using their internet - if so then yes they’ll be able to see the traffic.
However if you use a private tor window the connections are encrypted, so your ISP or employer can’t see which sites you’re visiting but Tor can slow down browsing and some sites might not work at all.

@sunrise, I would highly recommend not to use Brave to do your personal stuff on a company managed laptop. even though there are privacy policies implemented, a rogue engineer can tap into your machine’s key strokes and know where you have been.

As @Aa-ron mentioned, Brave in TOR mode is your only option, but do you really want that risk at a time like this?

Hi, @sunrise. Both @Aa-ron and @johnanish make very good points. Also, even Tor isn’t going to stop your company from knowing what you do if they have keystroke capturing software or other monitoring software going. Tor’s connections would be secure, but your typing would be recorded, so it doesn’t make a difference.

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