Tor window in Brave very much slower than Tor browser

I just downloaded Brave browser on my computer, when use new window with tor, the internet is sooo slow, no sites are loading, but if I use Tor browser, everything is fast, atleast fast enough to watch videos in 1080p. Tor in Brave is unusable. Please check it. Thank you.

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Yes because you have downloaded Tor Browser the reason why you wont have a problem with a browser even when you are using Brave.

What do you mean?? I can’t understand what your trying to say.


Because you said in your statement ''Tor in Brave is unusable. So when you use Tor, some other websites might be a little bit slow due to its security.

But Tor browser is very fast when compared to tor in brave, even though Tor browser has more security than Brave. I think it is a bug in brave, how can I contact someone with technical knowledge.

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I think Browser Support or Steeve can help you.

try creating a new issue here:

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