Brave is extremly slow

I’m using the latest build of Brave Version 0.66.99 Chromium: 75.0.3770.100 (Offizieller Build) (64-Bit) on Windows 10 Pro 1930 (18362.175) and opening Brave takes between 15 and 20 seconds. Opening a new tab or closing a tab takes 3 seconds. Opening a website takes 15 seconds while opening the same website on the same PC with Chrome takes only 3 seconds. This is with only two already open tabs. If I open more tabs Brave slowes down even more. It can take Brave more then 30 seconds to do anything at all and I don’t think that’s normal behavior.

I’m only using one extension (the LastPass extension) but the behaviour of Brave doesn’t change a bit when I deactivate the extension.

Significant applications in the background I’m using are the ZoneAlarm firewall and maybe Simple DNSCrypt 0.6.6 (dnscrypt-proxy 2.0.25). I’m also using controlled folder access in Windows 10.

Brave is so slow that I had to write this topic in Chrome. Any idea what is happening and how I can solve this problem?


Thanks for reaching out to us. That’s definitely too slow – can I ask if this lag only started after updating today to v0.66.99?

Also, I’d like to test the Release channel performance against a different build. Would you mind downloading the Brave Beta build and seeing if the performance is the same? This won’t overwrite or erase any data from your current install – they run in parallel (I have all four versions installed myself!)


Could you re-test without ZoneAlarm/DNSCrypt (temporarily disabled) and maybe test in private mode help?

So there were two updates for Brave and at least 1 major update for windows 10 since Brave slowed down significantly. I can’t say which of these updates lead to the issue. What I can say for sure now is that deactivating the controlled folder access in windows 10 solved the issue. It appears Brave did not like the controlled folder access at all. After I have deactivated the controlled folder access now the speed of Brave is back to normal as far as I can tell.

After deactivating the controlled folder access the speed of Brave improved greatly but it still feels sluggish in comparison to how fast Brave is on my Mac or Chrome on the same PC. I downloaded and installed the beta build but it is also sluggish. There is no difference between the live and the beta build when it comes to responsiveness or speed on my PC. They both feel slow and sluggish.

What does the CPU usage show? is there any other apps using more CPU? And how is the CPU/Memory usage of Brave?

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