Private Windows With Tor

Okay, so whenever I startup the tor browser, and just click on the search bar, it closes all brave windows, and it’s been like this ever since the new update. Is it just me, or does this happen to everyone? The only way to browse tor for me is by using bookmarks or anything where you don’t click on the search bar. Also, one more thing; whenever I use the tor browser, on the bottom, it takes forever to get connected. For example, it says disconnected for a few seconds, but then it just goes up to 5% and stays like that for who knows how long. Any suggestions and/or help would be appreciated. Thanks!

It’s just you. I opened a new private Tor window, copy-pasted https://protonirockerxow.onion and it worked. Obviously, it’s slow simply because Tor is slow. (Brave 1.19.86 Windows 10)

Wow, that is so weird. Whenever I just click the search bar, the entire brave browser, the normal one, and the tor one, just crashes. Whenever I open it up again, it asks to restore my tabs and pages. So weird.