Did Brave slow to a crawl since the last update?


Over the last week, I’ve noticed that web pages take much longer to load on Brave (Windows v1.41.100 - July 21st, 2022). In some instances, I stare at my monitor for nearly a minute while the pages load. My recently tested internet speed is >400 Mbps down and > 20 Mbps up, but browsing makes it seem like my connction is running at 2 Mbnps.

Is anyone else experiencing similar slow loading times?



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This could be a lot of things — first thing you might try is clearing your cache/browsing data and see if this helps the browser move along more quickly.

If that doesn’t work I would try disabling any extensions you have installed at this time and see if that makes any difference.

Let me know if nether of the above works.

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Hello Mattches,

I aleady cleard the browser’s cache, but wILL try diabling the extentions as you suggested. I will report back should I identify the reason behind the Browser’s sluggishness. I did not consider the effect the recent update may have had on the extensions I am using.

Thank you ,



Keep in mind that extensions update, too, and sometimes introduce their own problems and bugs.

Let us know how it works out!

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Yeah, same here. It used to work better than other browsers but you know, these update maker, eventually they are habitual of making a mess of a fine working browser.

In follow-up to my OP, I disabled each of the three extensions I use, one at a time, and was not able to identify the cause of Brave’s noticeable slowdown in loading web pages. Brave runs the same with no extensions enabled. Therefore, I will be switching to Tor until this issue is resolved. At this point, Tor runs a little faster than the version of Brave I’m using (which is astonishing) and extensions to ensure privacy and block trackers aren’t necessary.

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