Brave very slow on linux

Hi everyone,
I tried to use brave as my new standard browser, but I always make a turn back to firefox due to its very bad performance.
What I encounter:
Extremely slow performance. I have a widescreen and have 2 open windows with each containing 2-4 tabs. On the one side I have youtube and on the right the news. Everytime I start brave, it takes almost 30 seconds until everything is loaded up and ready.
Going to another news site the same happens. It’s just really slow. but when the side is loaded… it works well.
But Youtube on the on my second window is making me really scratching my head. I just tried to watch a new video of my favorite channel but it’s telling me “this video is not available”. I reloaded and reloaded and even disabled the brave protection… no chance.
As soon as I open firefox everything works faster and it just works… even that video I couldn’t open. And I want to mention that I also disabled ALL my extensions on brave.
This is not the first time I had issues with brave. I like the design and how it’s working, but the performance is a extreme showstopper.

What I tried so far:

  • Disabling all extensions
  • Disabling Secure DNS (I had it always activated)
  • Disabled everything crypto related
  • Disabled Hardware acceleration

What else can I do? I mean Brave on my side is almost unprotected or naked compared to firefox and it’s still performing horribly… I wonder how people consider brave over firefox with it’s current performance. Maybe it’s just me, but firefox on my now 2015 build laptop runs extremely good with multiple extensions and 100 open tabs per open window compared to brave with 2 windows and 8 open tabs without extensions and security… thats ridiculous.

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