Top Sites: problems and potential solution

Top Sites keep being removed

Over the last few weeks, my Top Sites have been quite “unstable”. I might be wrong but it seems it all started with a Gemini tool that I immediately got rid of anyway.

Long story short, the are about six websites that I visit daily and they used to be listed in Top Sites. Lately, the most I got was five and still, they keep on being removed for no reason, and I need to visit the same website like 75 times (of course, I am exaggerating but not that much) before it gets listed again in Top Sites.

My expertise in IT is quite limited but I have a very easy solution to propose to Brave. The Top Sites should be manually entered by the user as part of the setting options – not based on some obscure history or perceived frequency of visits. Actually, as part of the settings, I also would like the option to “manually” select up to 12 of my favorites Top Sites.

How to submit my suggestion to Brave? No clue.

Anybody else having a similar issue? Please advise



Top tiles issue should be fixed when is implemented

Any idea when? 'Cause issues with Top Sites seem to have been going on for quite a while and yet, it should not be a major load of work for a team of IT engineer to fix them…

But I ain’t no expert.

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It requires complete refactor of items on new tab. There is no ETA on this but is marked as P3 so it will get done and ride the channel trains to get to release so its just a matter of time

Agree. Most other browsers have this feature, without problems. I have zero top sites, despite all attempts to enable this. Users should be able to choose manually their top sites, and the number of sites should be unlimited, and be able to group them per user choice. This should be very easy for the techies to implement.

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