Home page favorites, (top sites), keep disappearing

I have pinned a few of my “top sites” to my Brave home page and really liked that feature. However, in the past couple of weeks, I have noticed that my “top sites” seem to disappear every couple of days. I have this feature turned on in settings.

Please correct this problem so that the top sites that I have pinned to my home page will return and remain on my home page.

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Yes, the exact same thing has been happening to me also.

There were six top sites listed that I pinned and frequently use, however now only up to five appear despite being pinned, because only up to five appear instead my six sites keep overwriting each other which I then have to pin.

If I delete it the one underneath does not appear so it’s been a constant flood of “new” top sites I keep having to pin every few sessions over and over again and they never get back up to six sites but have randomly gone down to three, this is because as well as overwriting each other the top sites will also vanish despite again being pinned.

Fix this feature! it’s ridiculous something so simple has not been fixed.

Me too! My top sites have disappeared one by one until I have lost five out of six. Doesn’t seem to be rocket science to fix this! It is a very useful feature and I would like to see it further improved by allowing the user to name the required sites. The first task should be to fix the existing problem though!

Same here! I loved that page. I agree with McL that users should be able to name the sites. It’s a great feature to save your favorite sites in one place and just click on the pin to access.
I hope the fix comes soon! The current landing page is kinda boring.

same here, very annoying. whether pinned or not, they disappear (even non-pinned do not get replaced, but vanish so 5 become 2 sometimes).

I am in the same condition. This is happening only on iMac (Catalina) and it is not happening on MacBook or PC even if they are all synchronized.
It is a very erratic behaviour nonetheless is depriving me from a very usefull function

I can confirm that. I have exactly the same problem.

I just installed the latest version of Brave and this is still broken.

This feature used to work fine up until about August 2020. I don’t understand why it appears to be so difficult to “unbreak” this.