Pinned Top Sites Vanishing

Pinned Top Sites will stay for a bit, but then randomly unpin and delete themselves. I’ve repinned sites multiple times hoping maybe they’d stick this time, but still no dice. I’ve also noticed it seems to only affect the second, third, etc site that is pinned, but not the first one.

I’ve noticed that it seemed to deleted the pinned sites when I either turn off my PC or restart it. I’m not sure if because I’m turning off or restarting while the browser is still open, that that’s the reason the sites are being unpinned. It seemly happens at random random, but when the browser is closed and reopened.

I’m running Windows 10 Home and Brave V1.13.82.

Is anyone else running into this issue with the Top Sites bar?

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Oh heck yeah!
Been losing top sites for the past two or more weeks. It to the point where I’m ready to bail on Brave completely. The most recent manifestation seems to be related with removing history & cookies on exit. But I’m finding it difficult to rebuild a top site list in a new profile as well. Should note I’m using OSX (10.15), Brave ( [Version 1.13.82 Chromium: 85.0.4183.83)

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Mine has seemingly stopped doing it from what I can tell. Not sure what exactly caused it to act right or if it just hasn’t happened again. Seems to be a very odd issue to say the least.

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So agree with this, what good is having the top sites, if they disappear upon closing or you can’t manually create a top site. Please fix this!

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I’m having the same problem, it’s getting extremely annoying.

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Okay, I saved out my bookmarks and passwords. then used an “uninstall/clean-up app” to delete “all” the Brave Browser components. Restarted the computer, downloaded and reinstalled Brave. Lo and behold, the “new clean install” started up with old profile intact and displayed the Top Sites.
So obviously the uninstall app doesn’t clean out everything (duh) like the profile settings files (.ini .plst or . . .?) and the disappearing sites issue is related to something in the core Brave application.
We’ll see how long this lasts.

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Let me know how this holds up and I’ll give it a run. I’m using Sync V2 so I should be good with saving everything important and picking up where I left off with my sync chain.

Also, what’s the app you used to completely remove everything? I usually am pretty good with going through and deleted residual files and folder left over from installers because I never trust them to be all the way removed, but I’m sure I miss some here and there.

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This seems to continue to be happening. It stopped for a good while and then all of a sudden it popped up again. Is anyone else still having this issue?

I have yet to be able to pinpoint the direct cause of this and am unsure how to proceed. Maybe a fresh install might be needed?

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Let me pile on to give this a push.

Top sites vanishing despite being pinned is hella annoying and needs fixing.


Happened to me too, Top sites are a law unto themselves it seems. I have various sites that ARE top sites that I sometimes visit multiple times a day, but I visited a site just ONCE and it’s decided to appear as a top site, I can delete it, but as soon as I do anything it re-appears - this happens time and time again. Why?

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