Adding Top Sites on Brave

How do I add a website to Top Sites on Brave browser???


Not possible to add/edit Top Sites manually, yet. This feature is coming. For now, it’s populated based on your browsing history.

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Ahh, but it IS possible to “edit” them manually… each time a site shows up there as a “Top Site”, it gives you the option to instruct Brave to remove that site and never show it again. The problem is, this seems to be a one-way ticket to Internet Purgatory. I have not found a way to restore a “Top Site” that I’ve removed by accident. Will this feature be available in some future update?

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I wonder if a full uninstall of Brave followed by a re-install would get us (I say “us” since I made the same error of accidentally hitting the X on the YouTube icon in my Top Sites only to find there’s no way to get it back) the full selection. Or would there be enough “residual data” left in stray files somewhere that even a fresh install would draw from them. I’m almost willing to try.

And the answer is: yes, it will!

Just did a removal of Brave via Windows Settings (including all browser data, when prompted), then re-installed and re-imported. All 6 Top Sites “slots” are back and YouTube is among them! I will be much more coreful this time around, for sure!

Good to know. Still should be an option to edit manually without re-installing, though…


I agree completely! And I’m counting on the information posted by Moderator @eljuno above to be correct. I, for one, vote for whatever attention to Top SItes this might take over whatever time is being spent by the developers in Binance and Brave Rewards.

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And with my fresh install, what I have come to discover (I think I suspected this with the first install but now I’ve confirmed it) that Brave will add a site to Top Sites upon a single, isolated visit! Meanwhile, it will allow a site that you visit frequently to drop out of the Top Sites collection.

I’ve even tried to “force” the issue by opening a truly frequent web destination in tab after tab after tab (making it clearly – or one would think – a Top Site) and it still won’t make it appear within Top Sites.

There’s something about Brave’s logic here that is escaping me.

I also find the Top Sites behavior to be funky. I’ve enjoyed the Pin and Delete capabilities that appear when one hovers over a Top Site icon, but I find that the Delete function doesn’t seem to “stick” consistently. For example, Google recently popped up as a Top Site icon, but in doing so, it kicked off another Top Site icon that I like (my Formula 1 icon…grrr). I’ve clicked the Delete “x” on the Google Top Site icon on probably 20 New Tabs now, causing my F1 Top Site icon to re-appear each time, but no matter how many times I have done this in the last 24 hours, every new tab continues to show the Google Top Site icon and not the F1 Top Site icon. Restarting the Brave browser doesn’t seem to make a difference either.

It would be very helpful to have a control center for these where the user could make Top Site icon changes permanent.

I’ve notice you responding to this question on several occasions, so it must be a popular requested feature… I’ll be patient and satisfied, knowing you said it’s coming… But while we’re AT it, I’d like to echo the request I’ve seen another user mention: that SIX slots for Top Sites is kinda LOW… There’s still plenty of screen space left (with those top 6 icons on the screen), so can we please get more than six?? That should be pretty easy to implement, right?? Thanks, and I’m enjoying Brave so far, by the way. Keep up the good work.

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Hi All,
There’s another option to consider, and that is just replace the ‘normal’ brave new tab page with a different one that might be more to your liking. There are several decent one’s in the google web store where we already can obtain extension’s for the browser. If you decide to go there to investigate, make sure that you take the time to read all about them & their review’s.

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