The problem with brave's ''Top Sites'' feature

I’ve been using brave browser for a year maybe more and I haven’t had any issue with it it’s a great web browser and I love the fact that this browser is protecting my privacy that’s very good thank you so much , the thing is brave’s ‘‘Top Sites’’ feature needs some updates since the way it works is not good , for instance; Though I had pinned some sites, they disappeared by itself I don’t know why… and the feature automatically adds sites but I don’t want this way I think it’s not good for any reason the way it works is really not good , I would like to add my top sites manually to the feature it should be work like this, like the google chrome’s top site feature. thank you so much for the brave browser it’s amazing don’t get me wrong but for me the only issue is this ‘top sites’ feature… thank you…

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Same, that’s one thing I miss from opera.


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