Toolbar disappearance on page loading


The toolbar is great!

But it should only be there on opening a new tab. Then, it should disappear, when a site is being loaded. Like on Chrome.

A toolbar is great, but as soon as I am on a specific side, I don’t need it anymore. Plus, I need more space on the screen as soon as I start browsing.

Please add an option like “Hide toolbar when browsing/Only show toolbar on new tab”.

Thanks for the best browser. (Only missing a hiding toolbar to be perfect.)


you should go fullscreen!



I sometimes do. But a disappearing bar is still better.


Hi @bergerbse,
Did Chrome have setting to hide toolbar? All toolbar?

Brave have setting to “Hide bookmarks bar”. For now, it’s work as you expected. Only shown in new tab page.


Sorry. I was talking about bookmark bar.

Mine stays. Does not disappear.


Now it works. Dont know what changed!

Perfect browser!!!


Well, it stopped working. Now, bookmark bar stays there after opening pages.


Now I understand: It has to be deactivated to only show on start of tab. Only when activated, it stays…