"Too many recovery attempts" VPN/sKUS issue

I know I technically shouldn’t be posting this here but I cannot send a traditional support request because I did not receive a Premium Account Invoice number.
Every day the VPN session expires and I cannot refresh it, resulting in the VPN being stuck at whatever mode it was on. Pressing the button does nothing.
Support told me to reset the state via brave://skus-internals/ and the site itself warns me that too many attempts will lock me out. I thought this would be a one and done deal, but no, the issue keeps persisting and I have been now locked out, and like said previously, I cannot even contact support because I’m still in the free trial period, so I did not receive an invoice.

That isn’t necessary to submit a support ticket. You’ll notice no asterisk for it.


You’d just provide the email associated with the account and as much information as possible.

Just out of curiosity, which way did you contact support? And did it give a name of who spoke with you?

My bad, didn’t notice that there was no asterisk, managed to send a request succesfully.
I used the support link that was under the VPN “switch”… I think. The person responsible for my ticket went by the name Valentz Nicolas.

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Ok. So I think they had you in direct contact with Guardian, which is who the VPN goes through. The support ticket likely will get to Brave Support, though may pass through both.

I know the issue you’re reporting (session expired) seems like something that we had been experiencing a few weeks back. I hadn’t been seeing it myself lately so I thought it might be resolved, but I also have to admit I hadn’t been looking for it.

If you get a case/ticket number via email after submitting that ticket, do respond here with it and I’ll try to tag in someone on it.

Just updating to inform that the VPN still works without issues at my office PC and on both of my phones. Only the home PC is affected.

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