Lost access to the mail address I'm registered with, being charged


On 27 July I started a free trial for VPN with my card details, but I was using temporary mail instead of my real one and I lost access to it, therefore I can’t access my account to cancel the VPN the service I cannot use.

I don’t remember the name on the account I made in Brave, I completely lost all available means to access it, but my card details are there and I was charged.

I’m trying to submit a request, but I don’t have invoice number.

Please help me resolve this.

Thank you!

@steeven @GuardianTeam please follow up.

@vortimidx I presume you do not have a copy of the receipt since you lost access to your Brave account and the email used to sign up. Perhaps you can check if the transaction description for the charge on your card references any invoice or receipt number.

Can you please submit a request for me — the invoice number is optional — so that we can address your issue in private? Please tell me the ticket number you are given once it’s submitted.

Thank you