Payment Issues? No. Paid. How To Contact Support

OK Brave. what’s up!?

I purchased Brave VPN the other day, set up my account - finally got it working on Mac OS and IOS and today when I log in you tell me there’s something up and my payment didn’t go through!

Yes it did! It’s OFF my CC and I have a transaction number.

NOT impressed because the browser was stuck on VPN had to force a restart to boot you from blocking my internet access.

Need this sorted or my money refunded. Otherwise I’ll take the money back myself.

Not impressed. Get your act together.

@SaltyBanana @GuardianTeam please look into this.

Can someone please email me using my email on account, I’ll send you the transaction number attached to my CC payment and refund me.

If this is how you treat your new customers I want nothing to do with Brave or your VPN.

You take my VPN security from me, wrongly. You expose me.

Well there are other VPN providers.

Please wait. The team is off for the weekend. The weekday in the US has just started today. Wait for a while. Someone will surely get back to you.

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Hey there,

Payment processing problems can occur due to your account being incorrectly flagged as fraudulent. It could be the case here, but if that was true you should have been refunded. We want to verify this either way to resolve the problem as well as prevent it going forward.

Please contact Brave’s Firewall + VPN support through the web browser’s VPN tab. It will allow you to get in contact with us securely without exposing your E-Mail address publicly. Once you do that please also include the transaction number so that we can look into it from our end.
If we have received all the information from you, we’ll either provide a fix, an ETA for a fix or issue a refund by this Friday. There are some bugs still lingering but everything is being worked on at the same time, either way I’ll assure you that we will find a resolution for your problem.

Kind Regards


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Done. Que sera sera.

You best option is to contact Brave Support.
This is actually a matter that should not be discussed here, because it may include sensitive/private data.

I have contacted support but finding how and where to do so was/is not clearly evident. They don’t make life simple. VPN instructions were also hard to fathom too. Topic can now be closed here by anyone who has the power to do so.

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