Brave makes payment twice a month

Basically one day i was looking my bank record and found out that brave has been taking money for 2x(same amount, same time) for my vpn, is there any chance of getting it back or what? I’m kind of furious because i’m a stundent and every penny counts.

You must’ve bought the VPN on two devices instead of linking the second one with the first one. I will tag @steeven @SaltyBanana to assist. Thanks!

Hey @scorchedearth

There’s a feature called PMs (private messages). I’m sure they helped @Toomemag through PMs, since these are better when its about sensitive information.

Also, please read the guidelines of this community and make sure not to violate them.

Have a great day!

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You can always create a support request if you think the community can’t help with your problem. With this community, Brave users can help others, and you can search if someone had a similar issue before. With this, you can resolve small issues yourself within minutes.

Also, engineers are just people like everyone else, and they can make mistakes too.

I’ve put on multiple support tickets, emailed three or four times, made a post here, and contacted @bravesupport on twitter. They either take days to answer or ignore you. All of them have been worthless SKU-reset fixes that last a few hours, all of them have ignored the double charging issue like it’s someone else’s problem.

But it makes sense, why would Brave even bother with offering “support”? Brave slapped it’s brand name on a VPN that’s run poorly by Guardian and the accounting and scamming done by Stripe?

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Hi @scorchedearth, please see the reply to your DM with Brave Support on twitter.

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