Today's update changed avatars, profile names

Description of the issue:
As of this morning, Brave has changed the avatars and names of several profiles.

How can this issue be reproduced?

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Additional Information:
Profiles with custom names and avatars have been changed to “Profile 1,” etc. and the avatars have been replaced by the new circles-crossed-by-lines avatars.

This happened only with a few user profiles. Curiously, it changed one profile from it’s chosen name to “Profile 1,” and it renamed a profile already called “Profile 1,” changing it to “Profile 2.”

I was able to rename them to their original names, and choose avatars again, but was not able to choose the original avatars, which apparently have been replaced with the new avatars/icons, which are very different from the oragami-animal avatars, but certainly not an improvement. (I assume this is a Chrome thing, and not a Brave thing.)

This is actually our move rather than based on Chromium. We added our own custom profile icons as well as changed the nomenclature to better suit Brave’s brand.

Thanks, @Mattches

I’m glad Brave has taken this over, but there need to be options that aren’t so abstract. I’d very much like the option of just different colored, generic head-and-shoulder icons like the old gray generic.

Better yet, I’d like to see a wide variety of alpha-numerical circles — a white letter “A” against backgrounds of each color in the rainbow, and the same with “B” and “C” and “1” and “2,” etc. This way, my “Shopping” profile can have an “S” avatar, and each of my work profiles can have an avatar that actually corresponds to the client’s name and logo color.

In short, I want avatars that can correspond to something rather than abstractions that have no meaning to anyone.

Maybe since Brave has moved this part of the settings in-house, this mean you’re getting closer to allowing users to create their own avatars?

I know that we have more functionality planned with respect to Profiles/avatars but I can’t say exactly when they’ll be implemented. There are a lot of irons in the fire right now. We appreciate your patience and hope the abstract shapes aren’t too much of an eyesore until then :slight_smile:

I can get by with these avatars better than the origami animals. Personally, I don’t like the designs, but a variety of color gradations and shapes are better than trying to choose an animal to represent “Shopping” or “Client A.” :slight_smile:

The renaming and replacement of avatars when I launched this morning is a bit more concerning, but at least it was easily fixed.