Can I restore Brave profiles from a Time Machine Backup on macOS? Otherwise, can I not really change name and avatar of profiles?

I’ve recently reset my laptop. I foolishly thought that the backup would backup not only the .app file but also the preferences. I see now that it’s not like that.

“Very well” —I decided— “I’m just going to cut my losses and start anew”. Except I’m now finding out you cannot change the name and avatar of profiles?

I’ve created a few new profiles in the hopes that it would give me the option to at least give my new profile a name (since I couldn’t change the old one’s) but I don’t see such options anywhere, it automatically names the new profile Person 1/2/3/4… without consulting me and then doesn’t let me change the name or the profile or the avatar. Is this how it’s supposed to be or is it me that’s unable to find the setting?

Is there anything that I can do to have my old profiles back? Because I cannot manage to either restore them or create new ones.

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