People Feature Gone?

On older versions of Brave you were able to go in the settings and under Person or People (I cant remember exactly) you can then edit your Person Name, and then the avatar. Now that seems to be gone with the recent settings menu overhaul. Please add a way to edit your person name and avatar again.


Same request here. I went in to try and change my avatar this evening and realized I no longer had that option. It seems the only way is to create a new Person and choose a different avatar but then your preferences are all gone.


What happened? I hate those origami avatars and not being able to go back to the simple head-and-shoulders once you’ve chosen one, but this is worse.

The origami avatars are a new Chrome/Chromium feature, not a Brave feature.

Interesting. I have both Chrome and Chromium, and neither have these avatars.

Doesn’t really help the fact that they’re now missing from Brave. :slight_smile:

I noticed this as well. Managing people became really complicated all of a sudden. Personally I love the new icons but it seems to be impossible to change to any of those without losing data.

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I’m new to Brave and I’m using the 0.66.99 … and I’d like to change the Person name and the avatar.
I can’t find how to do it … but now I’m realising that maybe there is no such feature because has been removed ?

Can you please confirm if this feature has been removed and when I would expect to be back ?


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