When I try editing my avatar, it goes straight to settings and I can't edit it

When I try to edit my avatar and name in Brave, the link goes to chrome://settings/manageProfile then changes to chrome://settings immediately. But on another computer there is no issue when I click the profile.

I click the icon on the top right, click ‘Person 1’ then it does what I described in the beginning.

My brave version is 0.67.125

Hi there,

currently you can’t change your profile picture or your profile name on Brave, except if you reopen a new Profile and delete the old one.
The feature to edit your profile is highly discussed and a pull request has already been made and will hopefully been merged soon. Please keep in mind that new features go into the unstable branches … so it will probably take a while until the new feature made it’s way into brave release
See here and here

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