Ability to customize People in Brave

The ability to customize people on brave settings would be cool (I know we can when we you add a person but not after that). It’d also be cool to put our own custom PFP’s and change our Person’s name after we create the person. thank you B)

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yep, this issue seems to be brave’s major hindrance that totally makes it tedious to use. Have you found any solution? tia

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Sadly I haven’t hopefully they’ll add the feature later on

@NonRumor @jennjenn,

:point_up: We’re working on getting this feature up and running as soon as possible. We appreciate your patience.

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Thank you very much, Brave team!! :))


Cannot wait for the update to be able to edit “people” How will we find out when its fixed? Thank you very much

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There are quite a few overlapping components here, but some of the Profile Manager pieces are already complete and awaiting review – you can see these on our GitHub as well:

I’m sorry but will this feature allow setting a custom Profile Icon (avatar)?