Brave Rewards Payout to Uphold Verified Wallet

why brave is only transferring 0.XX BAT to my uphold wallet.
0.XX is too small, this is less than 1 percent of my earnings/payout.

@Mattches please help me.

Another way to get all the BAT from my brave wallet is to send Tip my brave payout to my friends channel.
BUT the problem is, what if brave will suspend the creators/publisher account of my friend? see? very risky.

And tipping someones channel, I think there is a deduction. for example, I tipped 10 BAT. the channel will only receive 9.500 BAT! 0.500 BAT I think its a fee?

today, 0.500 BAT is just too much haha, 1 brave ad notification only give 0.010 :sweat_smile:

the transactionfee for tips are 5%

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