Time display on new tab window

Time is displayed in the wrong format in the new tabs. The time I’m posting this is at 14:38 but the time displayed in a new tab is 02:38, any ideas how to fix this?

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Most people in the US don’t use the 24 hour clock, so the Windows/English version of the browser doesn’t do that currently. It’s a known issue:

but then shouldn’t it show 2:38pm rather than 02:38?

Displaying it as 02:38 makes it seem like it is displaying the time as 2:38am

This issue needs to be fixed ASAP. Hey Brave Browser programmers, Listen Up. People in the USA also use a 24-hour clock.
MY clock instead of displaying 17:10 shows 05:10. Sloppy, sloppy programming. Time and Units selection are so standard since Unix in the 1960’s. You should be able to modify Time display with standard Time switches i.e. (%H:%M:%S, %T,etc).

Sloppy kiddie-script coding. Who messes up Time these days? Nobody, but Brave.

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I too want a 24hr clock. Yes, I am in the USA but I have every device I can set to display in 24 hour format.

I also want 24hr or if not possible then properly formatted… ie not 02.xx in the afternoon.

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