Time Displayed in Brave

The time displayed in Brave on my desktop always shows one hour infront of the system time on my computer, how can I get Brave to show the time as my computer’s time?

@rawlemars am finding this a little hard to understand could you send a screenshot of this problem


You would notice the system time says 6:20 P.M. and the time on Brave is 7:20 (p.m) . Can I get Brave to show the system time?

I have never had such issues, so… @mattches would take over

Hello there, thanks for reporting.

I’m Cezar, and I implemented the clock for the new tab page. @Mattches pointed me out to a similar bug https://github.com/brave/brave-browser/issues/2616, but in there, the OP is in a daylight time in Australia, and I was not able to reproduce successfully.

Could you tell me the steps I should do to emulate your system? I see you’re on Windows, but what Time Zone are you? Is your system time set to use your current location automatically? A screenshot of your time settings would be helpful as well.

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Here is a screen shot. I do not live in the US but the US Eastern Time is the closest. We do not change the time for Daylight Savings Time so computer not set to automatic time.

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