How can i set the time in brave

the time diplayed is not the same of the time of the system .thanks for the help

Hi @souha,

Welcome to community! What OS are you running?

To be clear, Is the time reflected on the new tab page incorrect?

Thank you!

Hi, @souha and @steeven. I’m making a huge leap and guessing @souha means to switch to 24 hr. time. I went through this with another user a couple of weeks ago, and it seemed to depend on the language selection. When it’s English (US), it shows 12 hr. time, but without AM/PM, so in the second half of the day the clock looks 12 hours off to those who are used to 24 hr. time. The fix was to select the language with a region that uses 24 hr. time (English (UK), English (Australia) both worked), but if there’s another way, please share it.

Here’s the thread from earlier:

i’m running windows 10 . it’s not probleme of 24 and Am Pm .the probleme is for example the system show 07:30 an brave in new tab show 08:30 .There is one hour + of the system. thank for all


Wow, that’s weird. Well, the easy fix was worth a shot. I defer to @steeven’s superior KungFu on this.

Hi @souha, that is strange. Are you using a VPN?

no steeven i don’t use vpn

i have this problem in two differnt pc

Can I ask what time zone and/or region you’re in?

I’think that i will stay with my firefox brave is so hard for me.there is no help for just little things .thanks fo all bye

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