Three strikes, time to find a new browser

First, it was the loss of Sync.
Foul ball [ads on pornhub, particularly str8 ads while using gay pornhub]
Second, the unblockable new tab that opens when using l337x
Third, impossible to block autoplay on youtube.
I never used Brave Rewards, and after seeing SO MANY complaints on the Brave Community forum, in EVERY category, not just the Brave Rewards category, I’m glad I never did.

I’m going to check out Opera or Vivaldi or Torch. Brave was great awhile ago, but it seems to be getting worse with each update, not better. I would have liked to keep using Brave because it blocks [almost] all ads and runs pretty smoothly [unless there are more than 10 tabs open]. If I read some tech news in the future that says Brave has improved in a recognizable way [ie. return the ability to Sync], I will possibly return.

Until then, stay home, wash your hands, don’t touch your face.