So disappointed in Brave - I've uninstalled. This is just some feedback

After the revelations about Chrome and it’s anti-user ad-block changes I was delighted that Brave was an alternative. I’m an average user of the web I’d say - youtube, mail, news and interest sites etc. Nothing fancy.

Having used it for a week, I’ve snapped. I can’t take it any more and I’ve removed Brave from my computer. I’m going Firefox as a last resort. I was using Brave on my Win 10 (whatever the latest update is, I get them frequently) laptop - a Dell XPS, i7 @ 3.5Ghz, 32Gb RAM and 1Tb SSD drive.

Brave would be great but for a couple of things. Youtube is broken. Watching videos, it freeze-frames every few minutes. Audio carries on uninterrupted but the browser UI locks up and is inactive for up to 30 seconds every few minutes to the point that the whole experience is intolerable.

Normal browsing: Again, every few minutes Brave locks up. Typing into text boxes has no effect for up to 30 seconds, at which point all keystrokes input suddenly rush in together. Similarly, I had cause to retrieve a password from settings just now, and when asking me to confirm my local user credentials it froze as I was entering them, only this time it did so twice in quick succession.

I have a soundcloud account. Listening to music, I experience frequent jarring breakups in audio in Brave, but in no other browser.

In short, something is badly broken and the user experience, at least here, is intolerable as a result.

I’ve uninstalled Brave and am moving on. I don’t have the time or inclination to work all these things out. Interacting with the browser seems a fairly basic requirement and having used Chrome, Firefox, Edge and IE in the past on this laptop none of them have anything like the same disappointing experience that Brave is providing.

I may check back in a year or so to see if it’s any better. I’m not asking for responses, or fixes. I’m just taking a moment to let the devs know that for this user at least, Brave is unusable.

Such a shame.

I wish you the best in the future and hope that next time I come across it, it works better.


Your browser is EXTREMELY UNLIKELY to be causing your YT issues. I have some issues with FF myself, but Comcast mediocrity is always the cause. Have had zero issues with Brave so far. Am staying with Brave’s excellent blocking of increasingly excessive YT advertising intrusions. Ultimately corporate greed always manifests itself. It’s an arms race that Brave seems to know how to win. Thank you, Brave.

Rick in Michigan

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From your description, I’m confident that your problems with lock-up and youtube in particular are caused by something other than Brave. Perhaps it is effecting brave more than chrome (a fact that might narrow down the cause some), but Brave certain lycan and does work competently and play youtube videos without issue on hardware of that caliber.

You might gain a lot in both performance & security if you track down the actual cause of these issues.

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I’m brand new to Brave Browser and I don’t have any of those issues and I have a much much weaker laptop. Also, it’s worth noting that YouTube’s new Polymer site is very slow and unfortunately Google is removing the old, fast site.

well it’s been about a year. you should check brave out again.

Your win10 is broken bro!
Brave works just fine for me with all you mentioned.
Try reinstall win10, fresh copy, format C: before and u will see a difference!
Use the official tool, there’s no need for licence worry.