"This site can't be reached"

I just installed the latest Brave version but can’t connect to anywhere.“This site can’t be reached”.

My Internet connection is ok. I tried a few settings like disabling the shield and ‘https everywhere’. They don’t fix the problem. I just in case reseted the NIC settings but obviously that wasn’t necessary since my Internet connection works fine. So what’s next?

Win 10 1809 64 bit

Okay? What is your brave version. This is news

Well, “the latest” should tell something :smiley: I downloaded it around half an hour before making the post. I can’t check out the exact version now because I uninstalled Brave. It also caused random short freezings, even after reinstall. According to the persistent issues ppl have had it seems Brave will never get out of the beta level.

EDIT: I activated the hidden superadmin account and logged in, installed Brave, and now it’s working. When I log in as a regular user Brave doesn’t connect. Yesterday I secure erased my SSD and installed a fresh Windows 10 1809 version and left everything as they were. Then downloaded the latest Brave version which somehow didn’t work. Edge and Chrome worked normally, though. Does this tell anything to devs?

I’m not a dev, but it sounds like it might be that Windows Firewall is blocking Brave from connecting to the Internet.

If it’s not something you ordinarily do, the easiest fix I know is to open the Settings app from Start menu or Notification area, Network & Internet, Windows Firewall link toward the bottom (click images to enlarge):
Click the “Allow an app through firewall” link bottom-ish middle:


Thanks for the reply and sorry my incomplete list of ‘things done’. I checked it out immediately if Firewall is blocking Brave. The settings were ok. I still don’t understand what is blocking Brave. Every setting is absolutely identical in the both accounts. I used the same installer even. In the regular account i did “uninstall/reboot/reinstall” procedure yet the symptoms are still the same. There is some other strange behavior. When Brave is installed the taskbar is blinking randomly + the random freezings I mentioned earlier. When uninstalled Windows is working fine. This is quite a mystery.

This will sound random, but try turning off hardware acceleration in brave://settings/system.

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