Brave is suddenly 'unable' to access some sites - apparently after upgrade to 1.22.70

2nd Edit: Think I have finally found it. It seems that somehow the Ethernet port was reset as DHCP and - started working again when I reset it to the fixed IP address I’d originally set up.

Seems to be resolved finally now.

EDIT: It seems the problem is not Brave after all, as I have just experienced the same (delayed) behaviour with Chrome, so it must most likely be either a firewall issue in Windows which has suddenly arisen. Anyone any ideas?

I am leaving the original post below for ref.

I have some internal web services which have suddenly started failing to connect today when using Brave. First attempt at connection is OK. Second it fails. If I clear the cache it still fails. If I turn off windows defender it suddenly works again. This behaviour is peculiar to Brave. It is not exhibited with Chrome.

It is also only on some virtual server hosted resources. Others appear to be fine. I don’t know if this is true of any other Windows PC or Linux PC as I haven’t checked it - will do so tomorrow and update if appropriate.

I have checked the config of the server, the certificate is valid and not expired (expires May 2021).

What I do know is that I started the day with Ver 1.22.67 I think it was and having just checked I am now on Ver 1.22.70, so I think this is an update related issue.

I have spent the better part of 4 hours now trying to get to what the problem was.

This is of course a game stopper for me and Brave unfortunately. Brave developers really need to get a handle on this browser and the whole BAT failing to update stuff. It is one thing to have that happen, quite another when it makes the entire browser literally unusable. An no, I cannot swap browser just for these few services - it is all accessed via a Password manager and running two different browsers with that would just be a total pain.

Can I in some way at least restore the version I started the day? That would at least get me back to Brave and its better privacy.

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