Un able to connecto to internet

Issue: I wanted to try the Brave Browser for a while know so i downloaded it a few days ago, but since then it does not connect to to the internet in any way, it just shows a blank page. I have tried reinstalling it many times and even the nightly version but the problem does not go away. I tried opening incognito and tor windows but its still there. Weirdly enough the same problem happens to the Microsoft edge browser but not to FireFox. (I will ad a picture of the page message that it shows me (It is in Spanish but I am sure you will get the idea)). I tried making exception to may antivirus for it and even deactivating it, tried restarting my PC after installing. There is a “more information” button but it wont work either. I search in the forums but haven’t seen the solution (it might be because i don’t search good enough)

Steps: I just open my browser and its done (don’t know what else to say tbh).


Expected result: As seen in the picture every time I open the browser

How often: Every time I open the browser

OS: Windows 10 Home 64
Version: The latest one in the Brave official page (cant us the ‘About Brave’ button because of the problem.