The network connection between your computer and vpn server could not be established because remote server is not responding [Includeed screenshot]

Please provide us with the following information

—Im on Windows 11 … All other vpns work just find

Ive been subscribed almost a full month and still have not been able to connect

Type of device (iPad pro, iPhone 10, etc):

iOS version ( Settings --> About --> Soft ![bravevonerror|690x360](upload://7JC6fwWEa2YlYPyUU2ChdQBw6FA.png) ware Version ):

Detailed description of the behavior:


My apologies for this issue you are experiencing. This error message shows as a system error where something is blocking the ability to connect to our VPN service. Not all VPN providers operate in the same way or with the same protocols etc.

You can try to tether a device with a hotspot to your Windows device and then try to connect the VPN to see if you get the same result or if you are able to connect on a different network (the hotspot)

Our VPN service currently uses IKEv2 protocol which requires UDP ports 500 and 4500.