Brave firewall + VPN will not connect iOS

Hi All,

Yesterday I subscribed to the brave VPN for iOS and it was all working great VPN was always active until today it will not connect to the VPN and rendered my internet on my device useless until I went into system settings and stopped it from constantly trying to connect (and failing)

Could someone please advise if there is something wrong with the VPN or is it something on my end.

iPhone 8 Plus iOS 13.5.1

Hi Mr. West!

My apology for this interruption. If you are having trouble connecting the VPN while your device is using a Wi-FI connection, this might be due to an issue within iOS and how it handles the connection over Wi-Fi. You might notice that it only happens some of the time or that switching to cellular allows for a more stable connection.

In any event, we would like to help resolve this issue for you. Please let me know which host you were previously connecting to so that I can make sure this is not the cause of the issue you’ve experienced.